Some things about today.

  • Today, I can only think about two things.  The first is getting out of here for spring break.  I have this idea in my head that the semester is downhill after spring break.  I'm probably going to have a rude awakening about that, but at least campus will start to turn green again.
    • The second is eating a sundae from The Fountain on Locust with one scoop of mint, one scoop of chocolate, and a generous topping of their signature hot fudge. 
    • I became the Foursquare "mayor" of Nadoz Cafe.  I now get a 25% discount as long as I remain the mayor.  This means that my daily, $.65 pretzel roll is now only $.48.  Big spenda! 
    • Watson has thrown up twice today, but he doesn't seem to be feeling sick at all.  He's is usual, playful, adorable self. 
    • I have nothing due tomorrow.  I can't remember the last time I said that.  Watch out, Thursday night NBC, here I come!
    • I discovered today that ModCloth has a BLOG.  There goes all the time I was saving not being on Facebook.  I really like what I've seen and my favorite feature is the "Blogger of the Moment."  I love the style! *sigh*
    • Speaking of Facebook... I've been off it for two days, and it's only a little weird.  Surprisingly easy thus far.  I do think, however, it will get more difficult with time as I start to feel out of touch with people.  The last few days, I've made a point to email people as I think of them or see something in my daily browsing that I think they would like.  Also, I replaced the FB bookmark in my browser with a bookmark for the study bible.  I can't tell you how many times I have mindlessly clicked on that spot in the last couple days.  It has been eye-opening. 

    My mouth is literally watering as I am still thinking about that sundae.  I better get off here and go eat something healthy.  Three hours on campus tomorrow and then Springfield for the weekend.  Can't wait to see my parents and grandparents, and to stick a shamrock in my hair and celebrate St. Patrick's Day with my favorite Irish lady, my grandma!  We LOVE St. Patty's.

    2010 St. Pat's

    If you are viewing this post from Facebook, please be aware that I will not be able to see or respond to any comments unless you go to my blog and leave one there.  Please leave one!  I miss you people.  I'll be back on Facebook on April 24th, after Lent is over.  See explanation here. 

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    Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

    I LOVE that sundae. Now I'm craving it. I may have to go there for lunch tomorrow.