A spattering of thoughts and daydreams

I often have the urge to blog about every thought that comes to my mind.  Lucky for blog readers, there's now this thing called Twitter (maybe you've heard of it?), which allows me to spill the contents of my scattered mind, moderately guilt-free.  Still, though, there are some thoughts I pretty much cannot resist sharing.  None of them are significant enough to merit their own post, so this is what you get.  Randomness.
  • Every day I bring a snack to class with me and try to wait as long as I can to eat it.  Today I lasted 7 minutes.  That's the record.
  • Our church is growing like a beautiful weed rooted in the Gospel.  I love the people of August Gate dearly.  We are continually growing and challenged in our own faith, and I pray that more will be blessed in the same way.  
  • I haven't seen a single member of my family since Christmas.  You'd think I lived more than an hour and a half away.  Sadly, school has interfered. 
  • I've been averaging 5-6 hours of sleep per night.  This is partly the demands of school, and partly my insomnia, which intensifies with stress.
  • Two more of my non-runner classmates jumped on the C25K bandwagon with me.  We're going to have a lot of fun crossing the Susan G. Komen finish line together. 
  • I often daydream about what I would do if I could quit school and start a different life.  My choice lately would be to move back home to the family farm.  In my dreams, I start my own organic farming business (with the help of expert growers and livestock raisers, Dad, Grandpa, and Grandma) and also use the farm as a location for my booming photography business.  In my head, this is very successful and I am very happy.  I get to work with my family, live on the prairie, be outdoors, use my hands, get dirty, be creative, and bring new life and purpose to our old, dying farm.  This sounds so good.  Why am I in grad school again? *sigh*

This is the east porch at my dad's house on the farm (Grandma and Grandpa J. live up the hill).  Daddy built me this porch swing before I left for college so I'd always have a peaceful spot to come home to.  Lord willing, it will someday hang on my own front porch.  This is maybe my favorite place to be in the whole world.  It over looks his beautiful, luscious, 2-acre yard, my favorite tree on the planet, and miles of open plains.  It's so quiet.  So peaceful.  I feel really teary and homesick as I write this.  I better stop before I lose it.


Jillian said...

Awww sweet girl.

This is a very precious look at your heart.

And I totally feel you on the snack thing. ;)

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

I didn't realize you were on Twitter! I'm going to have go follow you. :) I'm @shortpixy.

That picture of the porch looks so amazingly peaceful. Wow! I'd want to come home to that too!