Resurrection Day

Sunday we celebrated our risen Savior. It was a glorious day for multiple reasons. In our Sunday evening community group, I'm really enjoying the growth that's occurring in everyone. People are getting saved, sharing the Gospel, making disciples, memorizing scripture, and all kinds of awesome stuff! What a joy it is to be part of this Christ-centered community.

We also enjoyed dinner with family on Sunday. We had a delicious meal with Kyle's parents. Fresh tulips adorned the table.

Also adorning the table were these delicious Cake Pops that I baked with Alisha over the course of Friday and Saturday. They weren't as cute as the originals, but they were delicious.

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John said...

Hey Chelsea, I think I have a solution to your website issues. We should talk soon about it. I mentioned it to Kyle last week at practice, but I am continually getting more information about it. I think this may be what you are looking for. Keep up the posting!