Conversations with kids: Why?

I'm learning a lot taking care of two kids once a week. The chil'ins (as I like to call them) are age 2 and 4. Most of our conversations go something like this...
Chil'ins- "Why?"
Chelsea- I give them brilliant answers.
Chil'ins- "Why?"
Chelsea- Oh, an opportunity to show them how smart I am!
Chil'ins- "But, why?"
Chelsea- Wow, they are very curious.
8 rounds later
Chelsea- "I don't know."
Really, I think they just want to hear me say, "I don't know." As soon as I do, they change the topic, and the process begins again. Why is it that "I don't know" satisfies them, but other answers do not?


Alisha said...

I've found if you just ask, "Why do you think?" that will end the "Whys" for that round.

Madly Hatter said...

There's always "why not," the ultimate answer to that question.