Old Music Tuesday: The Verve Pipe

Old Music Tuesday is a day to reflect on the music that shaped my childhood and early adolescence. As always, if you have a shared memory with a song or artist featured on OMT, please share it!

The Verve Pipe is another one of those lesser-known 90's bands. I cannot recall them having more than 1 or 2 hit songs. However, their hit song, "The Freshmen," seemed to move me. Looking back, I can't really imagine why it did. The lyrics (based on my interpretation) are about a girl who has an abortion and then kills herself.

I think at the time, I just felt the pain and the angst in the song. I had no clue what "stop a baby's breath" meant. It would have come out when I was in 6th grade, which was a rough year for me in many ways. It's still hard for me to think about that time. If there is such a thing as being "scarred for life," I suppose that's the closest I've come.

Perhaps that's why I liked the song so much. I could relate to having a bad experience, and being deeply affected by it. Even now that I know what the song is really about, it always takes me back to those bittersweet days. My scars were nothing like the girl in the song, but we significant to me.

Fortunately, I believe that Jesus heals all wounds, and makes hearts new. I praise God for that.

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Shannon Anderson said...

My sister was a freshman when this song came out and they LOVED it. It was like their theme song. I'm going to have to tell her what the lyrics mean:)