Weirdest dreams last night.  The first thing I remembered when I woke up was that I shot someone.  It was in self-defense, but it's still pretty crazy to remember it so vividly.  They were attacking someone I know in a plot to take out the people of BASIC (not kidding) and I came along pointed my gun at him and told him that if he didn't stop, I would shoot.  Then he started coming at me.  He tried to turn the gun around on me, but I remembered to SING (thanks, Miss Congeniality!) Even though he was at point blank range, I missed the first time.  I wasn't trying to kill him, so I aimed at his arm.  The second time, I got him in the armpit.  Right after I shot him, he turned into Teddy!  (That's Dave & Ashley's puppy for those of you who don't know!)  So then I was scrambling running in the house of where we were to get the phone book to find an emergency vet hospital.  When I got the phone book, I somehow forgot how to read!  Poor puppy...
I remembered a little more about what happened earlier in the dream.  The basic crew had been on the run (from whom I do not know).  I think that we were in another country on a mission trip.   It almost felt like we were in Romania, but there were Asian people everywhere.  We were staying in a castle, and some of our group was kidnapped.  The three of us girls who were left had to go rescue them.  We got to the other castle where they had been taken, got them out, but were chased down by guards.  I was hiding as I watched all the other people in my group get beat down by them.  As it turned out, though, they weren't real guards, but people trying to help us escape. 
We got back to our castle, packed up and headed back to the city.  Then somehow we ended up at that house where I shot the guy.  I had heard our attackers plotting, and was able to thwart their plans.  Somehow, I saw a vision of what they were going to do.  That's about all I remember.
In another dream, my parents were married again and we were hiding in our basement from possessed cows.  That's right.  Cows.
On a side note, I was sick, but I'm feeling a little better today.  Kyle took care of me, and it was sweet.  Lynn (one of my roomies) is sick and I got to take care of her today.  I like taking care of people.   I'm not sure why.  Maybe it's a spiritual gift.  Maybe I should have been a nurse, or maybe I'll just be a really great mom!
Going to Michigan this weekend for my cousin's wedding.  Not looking forward to paying for the gas!  It'll be a fun weekend, though.  Be back Sunday night! 

p.s. Mary Kay, Inc. made a 1 million dollar donation to hurricane Katrina relief.  I'm so proud to be part of this company. 

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