All morning long there has been a guy outside my apartment building serenading someone, begging for a girl to come down.  I'm starting to think she's not there.  There's no way a girl could resist a guy serenading for this long.  I've heard interesting renditions of "Listen to your Heart," "Be My Baby," "God Blessed the Broken Road," "Hey Baby" and many more that were semi-unintelligible.  He's been going for hours, and shows no signs of stopping.  I don't know what he did, but it must have been pretty bad.  If it doesn't win her heart back, he sure has entertained me. 

p.s.  Been listening to The Postal Service, upon the request of my dear ol' friend Rachel.  I'd heard some of their stuff before, but the album is "luvin' for my ears!"  Thank you!

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