The first exam of the semester is upon me, and here I am on Xanga.  I think I ought to block this and the facebook for myself.  I'd probably be more productive.  Then again, I might find some other way to procrastinate.  It would only be treating the symptoms, not the disease. 
    This was a fun weekend.  On Saturday, Ash and I went and bought my wedding dress.  It wasn't as fun as the day I picked it out, but I'm glad to know it's mine!  After the football tailgate, I went to the BASIC house and Kyle and I fell asleep on the couches when we sat down to watch The Two Towers.  Saturday night, we all went over to Mike's for a par-tay.  Okay, it wasn't much of a "party," but we did play Scene It and watched The Time Machine (kinda lame). 
    Wonderful day today.  Church was great, and then my grandparents came over for the afternoon.  We have an annual tradition of going to Curtis Orchard and Prairie Gardens.  Every year, they get me some pretty decoration for autumn, and some apple goodies.  Today I got a Yankee candle, a pretty basket full of pumpkins and gords, some slightly- used Halloween decs from Gram's house that she wasn't using, and of course some tasty Honey Crisp apples.  It looks so cozy in our apartment now.  You can check out the pictures here.
    To top it all off, I spent the whole evening with JUST KYLE!  It was so great to have time alone that lasted longer than an hour.  Quality time has been tough to come by this semester.  It was rather drury outside, but inside it was warm and snuggly.  The perfect night for sweats, a movie, and some chicken soup.  Is married life going to be that great every night?!  Probably not.  But I think those nights will be more often and less far between! 
Did you do anything great this weekend?

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