The last two nights I do not know what's wrong with me.  I cannot go to sleep.   I lay there and toss and turn and begin to think of things I need to do and things that would make good xanga stories.  Weird.  Here's a little one-
Waxing.  Who in the world came up with this ridiculous idea?  Really.  I'd like to know what ever made someone think that pouring hot wax on yourself and then RIPPING it off would be a great idea.  Sure, it works.  In fact, it's rather efficient.  But COME ON!  It's CRAZY!  As you can probably guess, I just waxed my eyebrows.  The end result is a much smoother, softer look than simply plucking.  However, it is messy and oh, so painful.  I wouldn't even want to think about what waxing your legs would be like. 
Kyle and I had a good night.  We watched the first five episodes of the show "The 4400."  I recommend it to fans of Lost and ALIAS.   It's similar, but not as high-class.  That's what you get for a show on USA.  Oh well, still very entertaining and lots of questions raised. 
Tailgating in the morning!  (Ugh, that's not so far away!)  I really ought to sleep.  Nighty night... or perhaps morny morn...

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