Random Things

Once a week the man from Brinks comes to every branch to bring us more money.  You know, those guys in the armored trucks with guns and holes in the side of the truck to shoot you if they think you're trying to rob them.  They come into the bank and it's a big event.  "The Brinks man is here!"  Like a kid getting excited for the ice cream truck, we nerdy tellers get excited for rolled coin and crisp bills. 
Heat.  It's growing on me.  I've certainly reached the point that I'll take hot over cold.  The sign across the street at Culver's keeps flashing 91 degrees.  It's not even noon yet. Wear sunscreen today kiddies.  It's a hot one out there.

An afternoon thought:
Coldplay is most delicious.  Have you ever been so connected with music that it awakes other senses than just your hearing?  Andrew Lloyd Weber knows what I'm talking about; just listen to his lyrics in "Music of the Night." Sometimes, when music is really brilliant, I can feel it, smell it, taste it.  My heart pounds and my chest sinks into my back.  Coldplay, Eisley, Norah Jones, and Mae are a few bands who really do that to me.  Beethoven also makes me feel that way.  Ooo, and a song by the Smashing Pumpkins called, "By Starlight."  Maybe I'm crazy or I like music way too much. 

A later afternoon thought (the bank is REALLY slow today):
Saw this on one of my favorite blogs "middleageguy"  I've definitely got hitnosis.  Sometimes I am a blurker and a kittyblogger. 
Blawg - A blog primarily focusing on law.
Bleg - Blogs who's primarily purpose is to beg for something.
Blog Mute - Someone who only occasionally blogs.
Blogopotamus - Long, long, blogs.
Blurker - A person who only reads but never comments.
Hitnosis - Being unable to stop yourself from constantly refreshing your browser to see if your hit count or comments have increased in the last minute or so.
Kittyblogger - Technically, a blog about cats, but also an unflattering term for bloggers who write about mundane subjects. ("Today, I fed the hamster and then ate toast and watched the Today Show and then.....")
Dooced  - A person who looses their job because of blogging is said to have been "Dooced".  Named for Heather Armstrong who lost her job because her web site (dooce.com) included negative stuff about her employer.

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