Oprah taught me.

I had a wonderful time in Anna this weekend.  I just got back to Springfield last night.  Kyle's family is awesome.  We had a lot of fun!  I got spoiled being with Kyle all day, every day.  Now I won't see him for a while and that is stinky. 
I'm still praying over the Mary Kay thing.  As I was praying last night, God told me that He wasn't ready to reveal to me what I'm supposed to do.  He said, "Keep praying, Chelsea.  You'll know soon."  After a great prayer time in my car on the way home, I arrived safely at Shadowchaser Drive.  Isn't that a cool street name?
I haven't really had many doubts about Romania.  I've remained fairly constant about God's plan for me there.  It was confirmed even further to me last night when I was watching Oprah.  It was an episode about children across the world who have lost their childhoods.  They talked about children forced into slavery, serving in rebel forces in Africa, and child pornography and prostitution.  The whole last twenty minutes of the show was about teens in Romania.  They talked about what a poor and desparate country it is and how it has some of the highest percentages of children in prostitution.  Parents hand their children over to pimps.  The pimps send the young teens out into tourist-populated cities across Europe.  In one situation they caught on film a father who personally took his fifteen year old son to Milan in Italy and was trying to sell him for the night.  The journalist bought the boy for an hour just so he could interview him.  The authorities know this is happening but are doing nothing!  Anyway, there are millions of young people from Romania being forced into these situations every day!  When we are in Romania, our biggest task will be outreach to the youth in the area we are staying!  How awesome is that?  God was showing me what the situation is like to encourage me and confirm that He has a plan for me there.  I'm so excited!  I'm sad and burdened for the situation over there, but I know I can be used.  Make me Your clay, God.  Use me and mold me!

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