Happy Saturday

Garage sales= total chaos and madness!  These people are NUTS!  Today our neighborhood is having it's "Spring" garage sales.  People were waiting outside our garage door at 6:30am.  Kind of scary to open up your door and find strangers standing outside of it.  By the time I left for work at 8:45, people were swarming.  The streets were lined with cars on both sides.  INSANE!
Babysitting was rather interesting last night.  These kids were pretty much angels until bed time.  As soon as the words, "Time to get your jammies on" left my mouth, you would have thought that they were instantly possesed by demons.  The two year old boy was the worst.  He didn't want to take his clothes off.  Once he finally did, he didn't want to put his "jammies" on.  Now he didn't just kick and scream like a normal two year old.  Oh, no.  This little man also decided in his retaliation to pee all over everything.  All over his bed, his blankets, his wall, and his much hated jammies.  Finally, I cleaned him up, he gave in and put on some pajamas, and he cried himself to sleep.  Sounds sad, but I couldn't continue to coddle him.  Anyway, it worked out ok.  They were both asleep by 9:30 and the parents didn't get home until about midnight. 
I have no plans for today.  It's so nice.  I wanted to go out to the lake, but there's no one to go with  
Don't forget Father's Day tomorrow!  Later gators!

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