Mary Kay, continued

Mary Kay= something I really want to do.  However, I am terrified of doing it without the support and backing of Kyle and my family.  They think I will fail, or that it will cause more distractions from school.  Agreed, I don't need more distractions from my academic career.  However, I feel really motivated to do this.  I haven't had motivation to do anything constructive for so long, that this is really an exciting change of pace.  I want to do it, and I feel God pushing me to do it (which is what I asked Him to do if it was His will.) 
It scares me.  What if I don't sell enough?  What if no one wants to buy it?  What if my family gets mad at me for taking on something else?
But then I think, darnit, I'd be good at it.  And there are so many people I work with now who would love the opportunity to get a free facial.

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