Tests and Trips

I had a test today. I felt like it went pretty well. I was the first one done. I mean, I finished really quickly. I even tried to kill time to see if anyone else was almost done... no one. So I boldly stood up and walked my test down to my Professor. He seemed surprised that I was finished. I double checked everything. I'm sure I got it all. So I either knew the material really well, or I bombed it! We shall see...
Kyle and I are going to visit his family this weekend. I am SO excited. First, I just can't wait to be out of Chambana for a while. I really love Southern Illinois. It's beautiful and very different for me. Second, I haven't seen his fam in forever! They're great. They always make me feel like part of the family.
I am sleepy and I have major hat hair. That's pretty random. Have a good weekend.
Oh yeah, if you're "celebrating" unofficial St. Patrick's Day tomorrow, be smart and be safe.

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