Bad Dreams

I'm feeling better this morning. Kyle and I started the day together with a nice breakfast. He'll be gone all weekend to the state basketball tournament with his dad and brothers.
I have bad dreams a lot. I'm not sure why. For a while they were getting better (I read something about keeping it warmer in your room can help prevent bad dreams) but I had another one last night. I was fighting vampires with Morgan Freeman. Weird, I know. It was pretty intense. What's even more strange is that I can wake up from the dream (gasping and trying to remember where I am) fall back asleep, and pick up the dream right where I left off. How much of our dreams are meaningful to our feelings, and how much of them are random and meaningless? I mean, sometimes my dreams are so frightening that I don't want to go to sleep! I know better than to be truly afraid, it's just the idea of being exposed to all the violent and traumatic images and experiences. Even Kyle thinks my dreams are odd.
Anyway, I've gotta get going. Have a good day.

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