For Granny and Poppy

My Grandma and Grandpa Lockhart LOVE decorating for Christmas. Let me say that again. My Grandma and Grandpa Lockhart LOVE decorating for Christmas. Got it? Okay. Good.

Every year they turn their house into a winter wonderland with a hodgepodge of lights and trees (yes, plural) and many generations worth of decorations.

When Kyle and I first got married, Granny gave me an old wreath she had in her basement. I was thrilled to get it and I'm still using it, but I jazzed it up a bit. Remember that old wreath, Granny? This is its fourth Christmas on our door and it's still holding up.

Christmas Wreath '09

While we were home for Thanksgiving, Kyle and I were out with Poppy one afternoon and we found some beautiful winterberry and evergreen branches and decided to take some home and make an arrangement with them. Poppy also went and hunted down some pine cones in the neighbor's yard. I brought them home, stuck them down in the dirt of my flower pots, and this is what came out.

Christmas Pot

I'm in love with them. The berries are swell. I hope they last for a while.

Winterberry and Evergreen

Thanks, Granny and Poppy for making our Christmas season a little brighter!

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cdt said...

I love your wreath! It is amazing! I want a wreath like that, but we bought one last year that was pretty basic and I decided to try and spruce it up year by year, as money allows. :) Hopefully mine will get to your level someday!

I love decorating too. I get so excited I can hardly stand it. I think I get it from my mom! :)