On my living room floor right now...

- No fewer than seven pillows. We love our pillows in this house.

-My October issue of Real Simple. My monthly Real Simple, ASHA Leader, and Anthropologie catalog always manage to come on the same day. This is a very good day in my house.

-A pie plate that was, quite literally, licked clean before 10am.

-A stack of mail that Ellie knocked off the counter in a state of play.

-The water squirt bottle I use to squirt Ellie when she does things like knock mail off the counter in a state of play.

-No fewer than seven pairs of shoes. Seriously, how do they accumulate so quickly?

-My copy of "Adopted for Life," which is changing my life.

I suppose I should go tidy up a bit. What's on your floor?


amanda weber said...

(from memory):
Two folded cardboard boxes ready for recycle, three pairs of shoes (all mine b/c Jason is out of town), an application that needs to be faxed, a picture from England that needs to be hung, an unclaimed dollar bill that fell off the coffee table, some old tins that I want to put plants in.

I should tidy up, too. These things tend to accumulate when I'm home alone. Hooray for Mr Weber's return this evening.

Chase Abner said...

What's on my floor? Quite possibly every toy that Simon owns and anything else that he can reach. And probably a couple apple pie crumbs! Yes!

Also, I had been wondering if you'd read any of that book yet. Glad to hear it's going well.