5 (of many) Reasons Why Infertility is Painful

1. We feel that bearing children is our right, as opposed to something that is an undeserved gift.

2. We are prideful, carnal beings, and we want to perpetuate our own flesh.

3. We have misconceptions about parenthood, and think that it will bring us ultimate satisfaction. Truthfully, parenthood, while joyful, is difficult and requires constant sacrifice. True satisfaction is only found in relationship with God.

4. We always use the term "blessing" when talking about children, and that is true and good. It would be easy, however, to focus on this as the singular greatest blessing, and to think that if you could not bear children, you are not blessed by God.

5. We have misconceptions on God's view of childbirth. It would be easy to look at the Bible and perceive that many were "redeemed" by giving birth to children, usually a son. Truthfully, we are only redeemed by the blood of Christ.


Anonymous said...
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Mama2SweetBabyJames said...

Thanks for posting this Chelsea. Your statements are so true. Toby and I haven't struggled with infertility, but we've seen friends go through it. Your perspective is appreciated.