O Christmas Tree, O Nine

When we got married, we were given a charming little (apartment-sized) Christmas tree. We were also both given our childhood ornaments by our families. We were also given about a bajillion "Our First Christmas" ornaments.

Sweet Li'l Tree

Please excuse our old wood paneling. It is not there by choice. Oh, the joys of renting...

Love Tree

There's a lot of "love" on our tree.

Inaugural Miners Ornament

There are also a lot of commemorative ornaments.

Ornery Kitty

There's also a sneaky, ornery, little beast who won't stop pulling down ornaments.

Oh, and a tree skirt that I feel captures the essence of me in some inexplicable way.

Christmas Pear

Given the eclectic nature of our ornament collection (and the decor of our home in general) I wanted a little tree bling that pulled it all together. I found some sparkly, colorful fruit that did just that.

None of it really matches, but somehow it all works. We dig it.


brit @ landlocked bride said...

The tree looks great!!

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

Great tree! I like the eclectic look - feels more old fashioned and traditional to me.