I'm such a procrastinator sometimes. I always wonder if or when I'll ever get out of that habit. I haven't seen too many adults who have a hard time with procrastination. At least, I don't know any who admit to it, so maybe it's something that comes with age? I hope so.

Yesterday was not very constructive for me. I had to go and observe a dance class before my regular 2 o'clock speech comm class. By the time I got done observing and came back to the room, I was running pretty late. Since I still had one allowed absence left for that class, I decided to use it. I couldn't have rushed there if I wanted to.

Did I mention how sore I was yesterday? I overdid myself on Monday and Tuesday with the workouts. Walking was even tough. However, I am feeling much better today and am looking forward to my workout tonight. I think I'll go to CRCE after BASIC! Who's with me?!

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