Ok... so I'm finally writing again! I went through a brief stage that I just didn't feel like writing, but now I'm into it again!
It's going to be such a great day! It's beautiful. I wanna go get some sun, however, I fear a good sunburn. I'm sooo fair-skinned. This morning I've enjoyed watching videos on VH1. They rarely show actual videos. It's fun!
I really want to go swimming. I wish the CRCE pool would open up. It's been closed for maintenance for about a week.
Thought for the day...
Why is it that after fighting with passion, we can make up with passion? It seems like the highest, most emotionally passionate times in relationships come after the lowest. Is it that we can greater appreciate having that person in our lives? Is it that we're trying to make up for the bad stuff? Are we being extra sweet to make up for all the spiteful things we said? The answer is probably YES to all of those things.
The real question, however, is how to keep that sweetness all the time!

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