Kim Possible, here I come!

Right now I really feel like watching Kim Possible, but it doesn't come on until 10am, so I'm gonna let you know what's going on with me!
VERY exciting news. I might be able to graduate as early as August 06! Isn't that great?! That's a whole year early! Yahoo! Pray that everything works out for that. I'm talking to my advisor about it this week.
Also, I might be spending the summer over here. Taking class at home at Lincoln Land Community College would be a waste of my time. There's only one class that I could take that would transfer. If I stay here and take class, I can knock out three gen-eds. Several of my friends have offered to have me stay with them, which would be a real blessing! Plus, my life is here now. My Church, friends, Kyle... they'll all be right here. I miss my family, but I can visit them. So things are looking good right now.
Keep praying for that and for Romania, that God will open doors in ways no one could have ever imagined!
Almost Kim Possible time! (Yes, I still watch cartoons... hahaha)
Have a beautiful day!

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