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1. When I get my mind set on something I really want, I tend to fixate and become a little obsessive. My current obsession= reading the Twilight Saga. Don't judge me.

2. I unconsciously rub my feet together when I'm relaxed. It's like my version of purring.

3. If I fall asleep on the couch before bed, I will wake up very grouchy with Kyle. He takes it in stride. He thinks that I confuse my dreams with reality and that's why I wake up angry.

4. I'm probably the pickiest eater you've ever met. Pickier than your 5 year old brother.

5. I make up songs to the tune of other songs. Usually I change them to be about Kyle. It usually gets a laugh or a "You're so silly."

6. I go ridiculously gaga over my husband sometimes. We were out somewhere last week and I just began to giggle. I couldn't help it. He looked so good.


Mama2SweetBabyJames said...

I'm judging you--

You're reading Twilight? How old are you?

*LOL* You know I love you...are the books really that addictive? I've heard about them, but not actually read them. (Maybe I shouldn't get sucked in...)

Chelsea Bass said...

Hey, they're no different than Harry Potter as far as reading level goes.

The writing isn't the best, but they're page turners for sure. So far, the 3rd one is my favorite. I'll be starting the 4th very soon.

Anonymous said...

I too become very obsessive when I really want something! Like crazy obsessive...I thought I had a problem but seeing that you also suffer from this ailment makes me feel better :)