Soundtrack for Life

I'm pretty nerdy. When I walk down the street with my iPod, the music almost seems to course through me sometimes. There are some songs that just seem to match the way my life feels at that moment. It's not necessarily the words that express my mood, but the sound. Does that make sense? The last couple weeks have been fairly melancholy. These are a few songs that fit my particular mood of late.

What songs might express the spirit of your life lately?


Chase Abner said...

I like your playlist. I was unacquainted with Basia Bulat and The Acorn and like the songs that I've found

I've been manic as of late. I've had moments of great anticipation and expectation of something tremendous about to release (soundtrack = DanielBashta). Then there's been times where I get extremely frustrated and honestly, I don't listen to music at those times.

But I have been quite nostalgic lately and have listened to a lot of Tom T. Hall. He's one of my dad's favorites and he left me a box set of his music when he visited recently. He's probably the best story song writer country music has ever known. His best song is "Homecoming." I couldn't find a good video of that, so enjoy "The Year That Clayton Delaney Died."

Madly Hatter said...

Nice choices! I'll have to check out those songs by The Acorn and Basia Bulat...I may have heard one of them, though.

JPB said...

I've never met anyone else who says measure "May-zhur"! Do your parents? Mine don't so I can't figure out where in the world I got it.

As for soundtracks, right now it's Jakob Dylan's "Valley of the Low Sun."