I've always been a firm believer that one doesn't just celebrate a birthday, rather, a birthweek or even birthmonth. I have a few things that have been making me happy so far on my birthweek.
Birthloaf. My own blend of bread dough, sausage, and mozzarella all baked into one. It makes a delicious little lunch or appetizer. I made it for Kyle and I on Saturday and it was gone pretty quickly. For the superbowl party, I made some stuffed mushrooms, bruschetta, and a fruit dip with peanut butter, yogurt and chocolate chips. It was delicious!

Birthflowers. My mother and grandmother came down for a visit on Saturday. I received some lovely flowers, amongst other things. I love the way they brighten our living room.

Birthbowl. I wish that I'd taken pictures at the Superbowl party yesterday. We had a wonderful time with friends, though I didn't see Kyle much. There was a pretty solid line between most of the girls upstairs having "girl talk" and the men downstairs watching the game.

Stay tuned for more birthweek updates.


a skinner weber said...

i would've thought we'd find more "intellectuals," too, but pittsburgh is actually very blue collar. so finding these kids is a huge deal for us. we've struggled a lot with finding things in common with most of our friends here. it's really strange.

oh, and happy birthweek. i usually try to celebrate birthweek, too. and my dad makes us celebrate his birth month. i'm glad to see someone who gets as excited about birthdays as i do. i LOVE my birthday.

Shannon Anderson said...

This sounds wonderful!!! I would love to have that bread/sausage/cheese recipe!

mom said...

It is hard for a mother to not get to spend some time with her baby on her birthday. Watch out when I retire..I might just show up for all kinds of occasions. Love You!