I had a very good birthday. Thanks to everyone who made it so. The best part of my day? Finding out that I get to forever share it with Nella Ruth Billingsley! Congratulations to our friends Caleb and Keli on the birth of their first child, baby Nella!

Kyle brought me birthday in bed yesterday. I got to open all my presents before I even set foot on the floor! What did I get, you ask?
Birthmusic. I delightful little mix of French-themed songs played on accordion, violin, clarinet, and other things. It took me back to the streets of Paris, or at least to the movie Rattatouille... I also got Season 7 of Frasier, a new pilates mat, and some brownies.

Birthshopping. After class, I did a little shopping. I got a new shirt to wear for the night from O.N. and some new "lip plumper" gloss from V.S. It's kinda bad, but not much makes me happy like these girly things!

Birthdinner was enjoyed at my favorite, the Cracker Barrel. And birthdessert was this delicious Hershey's chocolate creme pie, bought and paid for by my always thoughtful husband.

Birthpicture. On the day I celebrated my twenty-third year of life, I had a very good day. I had hoped to spend it in Louisville, KY at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. This is the weekend of the annual Give Me an Answer conference, which I have always enjoyed. Alas, we couldn't get away for a number of reasons. Anyway, it turned out alright. See, I'm smiling!


Madly Hatter said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your day!

Keli said...

so glad you had a happy birthday!
nella is glad to share your birthday, too!
also, i love frasier but caleb makes big-time fun of me! it's one of my guilty pleasures!