Nervous Mumblings

Tomorrow I have my very first exam in my Voice and Articulation class. I am quite nervous, as this has been a very challenging class. I love the material and I need to know it well. There is, however, an awful lot to remember! I am taking a short break from studies to tell you about my favorite TV game show, Cash Cab. It is on the Discovery Channel.

I've enjoyed it for a while now. It's an intelligent little trivia show that takes place in a NYC taxi cab. Contestants are random people off the streets, and today I witnessed the most impressive contestants ever. Three professors of Physics/Astrophysics answered some very tricky questions with ease. They rocked the cab and had a record setting win of $3000. Not too shabby for a cab ride across town!

Also, I would like to commemorate this week as the week I made the best meal I've ever made (so far). I think it pleased my husband more than usual, which is why I am so thrilled. I made shrimp scampi, buttered noodles, garlic cheese bread, and salad. I wish I had taken a picture because I was one proud homemaker. I don't even like shrimp scampi, but cooking for others is so much better than cooking for myself. The only trouble is, I can't test my products. Oh well, he seemed quite satisfied and for that I am gratified. It seems silly, but I want him to think my cooking is the BEST!


Chase Abner said...

That show sounds really cool. We'll bring brownies if you invite us over to watch it sometime.

Alisha & I think you're a great cook and we know your husband would agree.

Madly Hatter said...

Indeed I do agree!

To bad I missed that episode of Cash Cab...sounds like a good one.

Keli said...

loooooooooove cash cab!
caleb and i watch it a lot!
we pretend like we're in the cab and try to see how much money we would have won. we usually do pretty alright. but i won't lie, we would have been kicked out a few times!!!