The last couple weeks I've been listening to a sermon series by Mark Driscoll titled "Religion Saves and Nine Other Misconceptions." All of the messages are available as free podcasts from iTunes. The sermon on humor was particularly eye opening to me for a couple reasons.
The first is that I love to laugh. Occasionally I think I laugh at things I shouldn't. However, after listening to his, quite convincing, view of God and humor, I feel like it's okay to laugh.
The second is that I picked up on an important piece that I needed to hear. Driscoll says, "We take ourselves too seriously and God too lightly." That has been ringing in my ears all week. I'm too easily offended, and I'm too afraid of laughing at things that might offend others. He makes the correct assertion that the only sin in our post-modern culture is to be offensive. We know that the Gospel offends. We know that there are some heinous, ridiculous things people believe. From now on, I won't feel so bad when I chuckle at Tom Cruise.

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skinner said...

so, i've been listening to those sermons. they're pretty good. and very cutting. this guy's made me think seriously about a lot of things. thanks for the link.