Shades of Gray

Due to the most recent ice storm, classes were cancelled once again today. I've yet to leave the house, and it has been great. Like so many others, though, I am itching for the arrival of Spring. While I do miss the sunshine, it's the chilly temperatures I really dislike. The ice has managed to cover every bit of color left outdoors. This was the view from our front door this morning. No, it's not a black and white picture.

Our bird feeders have been hopping! At one point today, I saw five male cardinals at one time. We've had at least ten different species, the most I've ever seen. I've tried several times to take picture of all the birds, but they usually scatter when I open the door. I was able to snap a few shots of a cardinal. He didn't seem to mind me or the camera. In fact, I think he was hamming it up!

Inside our kitchen is a small trace of my garden from last year. I clipped a branch off one of my favorite plants, got it rooting in some water, then planted it in this little cup. It has kept me quite happy since I currently have nowhere to dig. Not to mention, the little splash of purple and green color is a nice pick-me-up when all you see is gray.


Madly Hatter said...

Yep...that little planty-guy has come a long way!

Shannon Anderson said...

This Winter has been a rough one. Seeing the picture from out of your front door makes me very sad! (That is how it looks up here as well) I understand now why old people flock to warmer climates during the winter. I am holding my breath until the first blooms of Spring!