What a klutz!

Today was interesting... I'm such a klutz. On the way downstairs after Bible study, I fell! I somehow lost my footing, slipped, got my elbow twisted up in the railing, slipped down seven or eight stairs, and bruised by back. After it happened, the girls from my study were all laughing... I was somewhere between laughter and tears.
I watched Napoleon Dynamite tonight. It was awesome, GOSH!
I am super excited about BASIC's trip to Louisville, KY this weekend! It's gonna be awesome!
Man, I keep having less and less to say...
Oh yeah, the teacher in my mass comm. class lets us bring music in to play during the break. The class is an hour and a half long, so in the middle, we take a break for a couple minutes. Today I brought in Eisley. I'm not sure what the class thought, it is too big to ask everyone. Anyway, the Professor loved it. He said he was going to check it out. I knew he was a smart man. Thanks to everyone who has heeded my advice and given them a listen.

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