Perspiration Inspiration

Wow. I got inspired today. I have a class at the Armory. Every time, I walk up to the third floor and start down the long hallway toward my classroom. I always peer through the windows that look out on the indoor track. Most days, there are member of the track team in there working out in some form (situps, pushups, sprints, etc.) Today there were quite a few members of the womens team in there. I had some extra time and as I was walking by the first window, one of the girls caught my eye. She was running in the outermost lane of the track. She was really bookin' it. I could hear and see her coach standing on the side cheering her on and shouting out her time after each lap. She kept smiling, and more importantly, kept running. This girl was beyond in-shape. She was amazing. After she finished she took a few steps and started stretching. This amazing run she had just completed didn't seem to phase her.
I got this image of myself running with nothing flabby or jiggling around; toned, and really enjoying my work out. The only problem is, I hate running. I need another form of workout. I want to be toned and in-shape. That feeling of "Man, I am healthy!" I watch Alias on Wednesdays. Jennifer Garner gives me that same feeling. She really kicks butt. Maybe I'll take up kickboxing or something. We'll see. What I guess I want to say is, I have the desire to be fit, but now I don't know what to do about it. More and more I realize how important it is to be fit. So begins my search for fitness...

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