Here I am... writing again...
I gave a speech today. It went pretty well. However, I'm apparently really bad at reading and following directions. Oh well... it was only the first one.
I have something new I'm into this week. I really want to write songs. Maybe I should take some guitar lessons this summer. I just want to sing back up vocals in Eisley. Do you think they'd let me do that? Probably not. They have enough female singers. I'll just start my own band I guess. Maybe my children will be brilliant musicians and I can vicariously live through them someday! Hahaha...
I'm getting lots of ideas for the wedding. I think we decided we want to have a night wedding. It just sounds cool... and then we don't have to worry about serving our guests over-priced, crappy food.
I'll be twenty tomorrow. That's crazy. I feel old.

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