Headed to Lou-uh-vul

"I'm gonna write a song about a liger. It's pretty much my favorite animal; they're bred for their skills in magic."
WOW! I didn't realize how many people READ my blog! This is crazy. There was actually a short discussion tonight after BASIC about MY blog! Weird. Awesome. I love it, really.
Leaving town in the morning for Louisville. It looks like I'm going to be the only girl in the car with... like... 9 guys! We'll see how that goes. I'm pretty psyched.
I need to go do laundry now because it occurred to me that I need clean clothes to wear in Louisville. I mean, I'm not so concerned about wearing CLEAN clothes when I'm here... my roommates have just accepted the fact that I stink. But now I have to room with people I don't know. I guess I should make a good impression.
Be back Saturday night, folks... (people who really read this!)
Have a good weekend!

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