Back from Lou-uh-vul

God is AWESOME! Oh man, what a wonderful weekend of growing with the Lord in worship, fellowship, prayer, and learning. Learning is fun when you love what you're learning, and this weekend was learning all about Christ and His Word. You know that song that was a hit earlier this year... I don't know who sings it, but it said something like, "...If I knew all about just one thing, wouldn't that be something?" Wow. How true is that? Well, if there's one thing I want to know ALL ABOUT, it's God.

I have another praise to share... As many of you know, I'm going to Romania this summer on a mission trip. My family has mostly been against it because of the cost. For ten days, it's going to cost about $2500. That's a lot of money! However, I have been very sure that I am supposed to go. Anyway, this week is apparently "Missions Week" for my grandparents' church at home. They've had all these missionaries coming in talking about the importance of missions, and what is being accomplished for the Kingdom of God. Until this, they knew little about missionaries. WOW! What a turn-around for my grandparents! When I talked to them last night, they were so excited for my trip! My grandma said she understood now why I was going, and she admitted that just a few days ago, she was against it. Now if only I could get my mom on board with them! Anyway, I had asked some of you for prayer in this matter. Well, your prayers and mine have been answered by The Almighty! Hallelujah!

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