Right now my life looks like...

Inspired by a friend's recent list post, I decided that I, too, love writing and reading list posts, so I would write one.

So, right now my life...
  • It looks like a mess of unfinished projects. I still have a handful of invitations I need to send out for an upcoming bridal shower for Keith and Loni; I have two large bookcases on the floor of my spare bedroom with a coat of primer that takes seven days (!) to fully harden; I have two cans of paint waiting to go on the walls of our spare bedroom; I have a kitchen table in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint after nearly five years of my abuse; I have a painting that I started months ago that I feel like I'll never finish. Basically paint, paint, and more paint.
Project spare room facelift is under way, which basically means it's a disaster!
  • It looks like me going crazy trying to finish said projects before I start school again, and at the same time knowing that I probably won't and don't really need to rush.
  • It looks like chasing after a very bad puppy who insists on eating every rug in the house and scratching up grout from between the tiles in the kitchen.
  • It looks like a string of doctors visits and lab work as we're still trying to figure this fertility thing out.
  • It looks like afternoon dates with friends to hang out while I have time.
  • It looks like a hundred trips to Lowe's, Garden Ridge, and Target.
  • It looks like eating dinner at home every night with my man, which is wonderful.
  • It looks like naps and movie marathons.
  • It looks like two people reading whatever the heck they want to read, which for me currently includes some Sci-Fi, and some non-fiction fertility books.
  • It looks like a house ransacked by toddlers, just like Jenna, but I don't have any toddlers to blame or even my husband really.  The messes made are mine, and I've reached that point where I am uncomfortable and I feel like it will never look good again.
  • It looks like early to bed, early to rise, which may be a first for me while I'm on break.
  • It looks like wearing the same clothes three days in a row because who's gonna know?
This break has been oh-so-good, but part of me is excited to start school and just get these last two semesters of class over with so I can graduate already.

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