Engaged: Keith + Loni

This weekend, not only did I have the spectacular privilege of hanging out with my brother and soon-to-be sister, I also got to talk with them about all things wedding and marriage and even take their pictures.  We had a blast roaming around the city together.


Loni and I had our own little adventure on Friday while we drove around the greater St. Louis area like mad women dropping of resumes for her at a bajiliion dentist offices.

She's a hygienist, you know.  Can't you just tell?  Look at that beautiful smile!
We spent the rest of Friday afternoon and all of Saturday morning at Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond working on her bridal registry.  Loni and Keith had already made a good start at it, but sometimes walking around with someone who's been married for a little while, who knows what you might need, is helpful.  It was fun to see what their tastes were and all the things they picked out!
When Keith arrived on Saturday, we spent the afternoon all over Tower Grove Park, Soulard, and Lafayette Square.  There were a few places I had been eyeing for the better part of a year thinking that they would make fabulous spots for photos.

We met Loni's sister, Lindy, and her hubs, Adam, for dinner at one of our favorite places, Square One Brewery.  They were in town celebrating their 5th anniversary, and I loved meeting them!

On Sunday, we had an all-day adventure just trying to get brunch somewhere! It was painful, but the crepe I had at the end of it was worth the whole grueling experience.  Sadly, shortly after we returned, Kyle started getting sick.  It could have been the food, or one of the many objects we found floating in our water glasses.  Let's just say that the restaurant we picked was probably not up to code for cleanliness.

Overall it was a fabulous weekend, and I was so sad when Keith and Loni had to leave.  Here's hoping that they'll find jobs here and live close by!
If you want to see all the pictures from the engagement shoot, and you're my friend on FB, you can see them here.


Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

Those are great pictures! Where was the last "Smile" picture taken? Neat backdrop.

Chelsea Bass said...

It was in Soulard. I can't remember what street, though!