The Dilemma of Painting

It has been nearly two years since I painted anything, and at 11:30 last night, the urge hit me and I just had to paint.  I've been holed up in the office most of the day finishing it.


I have a huge dilemma when I finish a painting.  Often I start a painting with the intent that I'd like to try and sell it, and or give it to someone in particular.  By the time I finish it, however, I've poured hours of work and love into it, and I love the way it turned out, and I don't want to part with it!  Such is my dilemma today.


Kyle's suggestion is to list paintings like this that I love on Etsy, ask a decent price (X hours labor, plus supplies) and if no one buys it, we get to keep it.  According to him, it's win-win.  I still hate to part with it, but we could use the money.


Whatever shall I do?


Courtney said...

If you were to price it, what would the price be?

Chase Abner said...

I still treasure the one you painted for me. Was that your last? My messy office is unworthy of it.

Chelsea Bass said...

Not sure, Courtney! I've never actually sold one, only kept them or gave them away. I guess I need to talk to my mom (who sells paintings all the time) and do a little research. I'll get back to you!

Chase, I think that was the last one! I couldn't remember exactly when I did that. Any idea how long ago it was?

Chase Abner said...

I don't remember! I'm sorry Chelsea! But it doesn't seem like it was two full years ago.

Ellen said...

You painted me pandas for my birthday. That was a year ago last October.

Chelsea Bass said...

Forgot about the pandas, EL. I wish I could re-do those. I was never very happy with them.

Alisha said...

I like Kyle's idea (he is an official genius and all, right?) but if someone buys the painting, you could always go have a nice copy made at a printing place to keep for your enjoyment or a portfolio or something if someone buys the original.

Amy Rose said...


Seriously..i am in LOVE with this!!

I would LOVE to have one in our home!
*wink wink* *nudge nudge*

Chelsea Bass said...

I like that idea of havinf a print made, Alisha!

Amy, WHAT are you talking about? You could probably paint or draw something infinitely better!