All about Ellie

I don't talk about our little kitty much anymore.  While she used to be #1 around here, her low-maintenance ways have sent her into a back seat position around here.  It isn't that we don't still adore her, it's just that she's so good and so easy (especially compared to a certain other animal in our house), we sometimes don't appreciate her like we should.  In fact, some of our friends forget that we even have a cat because we talk about Watson so much.

Here are some things you should know about Eleanor:

She is really pretty and we absolutely love those baby blues.


When we first found our little stray kitten, she was all grey and she fit perfectly on the palm of my hand.  Sometimes I look at her and can't believe it's the same kitty.


She loves to lay in window sills and warm, sunny places.




She spends most of her time either sleeping in a warm place or watching Watson from behind the TV.  Sometimes she also sleeps behind the TV.


She has this weird thing about strawberries. Every time we bring them in the house she tries to rub all over the package.  She doesn't like to eat them, but they make her crazy!



She loves to be as high as possible.  One of her favorite spots is the top mantle in our bedroom.  She sleeps up there and keeps her eye on Watson when he's in his kennel.  I'm still amazed when I see her jump up there.  It's SO high!


IMG_7419 copy

She loves to get inside of anything she can.  Boxes, cabinets, bags, you name it.


In general, she's just a really good girl.  Sometimes she starts trouble with her puppy brother, but she also puts him in his place.  We like that about her.

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