Birthday #26

The events leading up to and including the day I turned 26 years old.
  • Feb 7, 1:00am: Outburst of tears as we get ready for bed and the dread of the coming school week gets the best of me.  I tell Kyle that I don't know how I'll ever survive this semester.  He comforts me and prays for me right then and there.
  • Feb 7, 1:00pm: Major outburst of tears after a horrible therapy session where I fall flat on my face.  My terrible performance as a speech therapist is well-documented and pointed out to me by my clinical supervisor.  Cue sobbing.
  • Feb 7, 3:15pm: Have my first laugh at how badly I just failed. It was bad like whoa.
  • Feb 7, 3:45pm: Arrive home and begin reading birthday cards in which multiple members of my family write that my hard work will pay off and I will make a great SLP.  Cue another 45 minutes of tears.
  • Feb 7, 5:03pm: Kyle offers to do anything I want for dinner.  I pick Cheesecake Factory accompanied by a trip to Macy's to scope out mixers.  Sadly, I wasn't even excited.
  • Feb 7, 8:00pm: Return home feeling moderately better, but still rather crummy.
  • Feb 7, 11:42pm: Decide that though I've been dreading turning 26, it's really a good thing.  It's one year closer to 27, when I'll graduate, to 28, when Kyle will graduate, and then to my 30s, which I am praying will be much less angst-y than my 20s.
  • Feb 7, 11:58pm: Cue Peter Bjorn and John "Nothing to Worry About," and let the solo living room dance party commence.
  • Feb 8, approximately 12:15am, end said dance party and go back to homework for another hour. Mentally prepare for the upcoming day of being on campus from 9am to 8pm.  Wince. 
  • Feb 8, 7:42am: Robin singing in the tree outside my bedroom window puts tears in my eyes. I haven't heard a bird sing like that in months, and it feels like it is a gift just for me.
  • Feb 8, 8:43am: Leave home.  It's cold outside but the sun is shining and the sky is blue.  Feels like it's going to be a good day.
  • Feb 8, 11:15am: Walk to the law building to meet Kyle for lunch.  He surprises me with Chick-fil-a.  He walked all the way to the student center (far from the law building) in windy, 10 degree weather to get it for me.  I color worksheets for my afternoon client and get odd looks from law students. 
  • Feb 8, 5:07pm: A few classmates sing a slap-happy "Happy Birthday" in the dungeon.
  • Feb 8, 5:10pm: Sweet classmate, Megan, delivers to me the most delicious chocolate raspberry tort thingamajig I've ever tasted. 
  • Feb 8, 5:19pm: Whole class sings at the insistance of Dr. Fuller.  Blush.
  • Feb 8, 6:03pm: Give the wrong answer to a question in class for about the 123rd time. Shrug.
  • Feb 8, 8:09pm: Finally arrive home after 11 hours on campus to find that Kyle surprised me with one more gift: a Kate Spade case for my Macbook that I've wanted for a long time.  
  • Feb 8, 8:10pm: Find out that even though is says it's for a 13" Macbook, mine doesn't actually fit in it.  Bummed, but not that bummed.
  • Feb 8, 9:36pm: Kyle surprises me again and breaks into the living room singing with a Mrs. Fields cookie cake he ordered days ago and picked up today.  He put candles on it and made sure the cookie decorator used a lower-case b in birthday, because he knows that birthday should never be capitalized, and it's an ongoing joke/pet peeve we have. 
  • Feb 8, 11:20pm: Finish responding to all 181 Facebook messages, wall posts, tweets, emails, texts, and phone calls.  Feel very loved and blessed that 181 people would take the time to wish me a happy day.  
  • Feb 8, 11:38pm: Decide that there's no way I can finish all that needs to be done for tomorrow.  Decide that I'll take a good night's sleep over an A+ on tomorrow's quiz and call it a night.
Thanks be to Jesus, my husband, my family, and my friends who all made this birthday so incredibly special.


The Girl from the Lane said...

Just wanted to say I love reading your posts! You are so good at writing! You are an amazing woman with such amazing talent! Your friends and family are Definately right, yiur hard work will have great rewards! Didn't get a chance to say happy birthday yesterday, so wanted to take the time to tell you today. Prayed for you his morning that your day today not be too overwhelming and go by fast!

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

Aw, what a wonderful birthday, even with the lows. You have a sweet husband to get you a birthday treat just how you like it! Happy belated birthday!