No class!

In celebration of our normal Thursday afternoon class being cancelled, and Abby and Melanie's birthdays, several of my classmates went to Eckert's farm in Belleville yesterday, followed by dinner at The Fountain on Locust.

IMG_6585 copy

IMG_6656 copy

Teamwork in action!

IMG_6594 copy

Representing the ECLC.

IMG_6632 copy

The always lovely Hannah, who has the world's most soothing voice.

IMG_6631 copy

IMG_6588 copy

World's cutest apple:

IMG_6639 copy

Beautiful Briana, whose hair I covet.

IMG_6595 copy

IMG_6654 copy

IMG_6619 copy

IMG_6603 copy

Stacy with eyes that sparkle. (photo taken by birthday girl, Abby)

IMG_6667 copy

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Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

I always love your photos. What a fun time!