Friday Smorgasbord

-I read pieces of an article Tim Challies referenced this morning that is quite controversial. You can check out his discussion of it here. It will make you think, and perhaps haunt you.

-Rock in My Dryer writes on her son facing a bully.

-You, too, can get a wake up call from Hannah Montana.

-The Southern Illinois Miners have a solid, 5 1/2 game lead in the Frontier League's West Division. It looks as though they will be heading to the playoffs, which means more work for Kyle, but probably includes a bonus!


Chase Abner said...

I read both of Meyer's articles in full. They were potent. It causes me to question the validity of charitable organizations that only seek to meet physical needs, when the real need is, and always has been, a spiritual need.

Chelsea Bass said...

It reminded me that no amount of food or money will bring healing to the nations; what they really need is repentance and to know Christ.