New Year

I've been contemplating a New Year's post for several days now. Originally, I made no resolutions. I never stick to them, so why make them, right? After some consideration, I decided that might not be the best attitude. I can't go through life not setting goals just because I think I'll fail. So, while I still don't have any definite goals or resolutions, I have decided that this year, I'm going to try to stop thinking in terms of "someday," and "eventually." If there's something I want to do, I'm going to just do it. Not everything can be done right this second, but I can start working towards it.

So right off the bat, I have a few things that I simply had to do. I saw these circles on one of my favorite blogger's site. I like her fabrics much better, but I'm thinking I can always change them out if I find ones I like better. Anyway, I've been wanting to complete this quirky little project for quite a while and I finally did it.

Ah, my good old trumpet. It's been several years since I picked it up. I've been saying that some day I'll pick it up again. I played for almost ten years, so I'd be foolish to let myself forget completely. It felt surprisingly good in my hands. I'm pretty rusty, but hopefully I can get back in the swing of it soon. Kyle also picked up his old trumpet. We're hoping we can play some duets.

I'm also attempting to read my Bible in its supposed chronological order this year. According to my reading plan, it started, of course, with the first few chapters in Genesis. Currently, I'm reading in Job.

I have a few other ideas of things I want to accomplish, but perhaps they can wait for another time. I better go practice that trumpet!


Chase Abner said...

I didn't know the Basses trumpeted? We need to write some horn parts for the praise band! That's cool.

Alisha said...

I'm enjoying your festive wall decor (and the Stupid Creature on the chair)!

Keli said...

I like the fabric circles.
Caleb is desperate for a trumpet. We're thinking about trading in my alto saxophone for one. We'll see.

Mom said...

I love the circles. What a creative girl you are! Keep up the great decorating. I am very glad you are playing your trumpet again. I don't know what I miss more, hearing you play your horn or singing. I think singing.