Recovery Room

I haven't written a decent blog in a while, and I still don't really feel up to it, but here goes...
Just out of open heart surgery in the recovery room, each patient has his or her own nurse.  The patient is mostly unconsious.  Of course, they can hear, see, feel, and touch, but have no idea what is happening around them.  It is somewhat like a "twilight sleep."  This nurse, however, is extremely alert.  She monitors every heart beat, oxygen levels, body functions, etc.  Every five minutes she takes a blood sample to check the contents of the blood.  She empties the urine bucket, sucks the saliva from the mouth, bundles the blankets, moves the pillows and the bed, and even makes sure the patient has a teddy bear.  Her job is to watch over the patient and meet his or her needs.  However, she goes above and beyond. 
Our Father watches over us in the same way.  We are unconscious to His ultimate plan.  He meets our every need and then some, though we do not always realize it.  Even when we cannot see, He is taking care of every detail right down to that last "drop of saliva."  It is not because it is His job, but because He loves us. 

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