Busy days

Hey y'all, I got a comment from middleageguy!  I'm so proud! 
Women are sure funny when it comes to make up.  Last night I held a skin care class with several women from the bank where I'm working this summer.  First of all, it was odd to see them in blue jeans and t-shirts as I am used to seeing them in suits and heels.  What was funny is that they were all TERRIFIED to take of their make up in front of each other.  None of them had ever seen eachother without make up on.  Don't get me wrong, I think make up is great and a lot of fun (if I didn't I'd be in the wrong business), but I can't imagine being that self-conscious.  They were all friends, why was it so scary?  Anyway, they got through it and seemed to have a great time.
The window washer man came to the bank yesterday.  Great for windows, devastating for birds.  I wish I had been keeping track of how many poor little birds have flown smack into the windows.  One of those sad things you can't help but laugh at, like people falling down. 

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