One of my biggest goals for the year is to earn my Mary Kay Career Car.  The starting car is a Pontiac Vibe.  Kyle and I will need two cars, this could be an answered prayer.  I am going to have to work so hard for it, though.  I'm not sure how I can do it with school on top of it.  We shall see...
My inventory is supposed to arrive today.  Wahoo!  That will make for happy customers and a busy Chelsea!  UPS is so amazing.  Such quick delivery, and the online tracking gets updated very fast.  USPS can kiss my bubbles.  (That's a "Finding Nemo" reference for you non-Nemo watchers.)
Better than all of that, Kyle is coming today.  However, he will not arrive by way of UPS.  That would be awesome, though.  What can brown do for you? 

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