No backsplash? No problem.

When we first moved in to this little flat, I thought maybe I would paint something under the cabinets in the kitchen, which is just white wall space.  Then I realized how long that would take, that I didn't have the energy, and that I would rather invest my time into something we can take when we leave this place.

I got an idea a while back to give our kitchen a little facelift using some thrifted plates as a faux backsplash.  Since then, I have been scouring for pretty plates of all shapes and sizes, some thrifted, some store-bought.  I finally accumulated enough this weekend to complete this project.

Weekend project No. 3: We gave the kitchen a backsplash.

So here is our newly refreshed kitchen "backsplash."  Sorry for the photo quality.  I was just too lazy to get out my big girl camera.  Too lazy to even move the dirty glasses from the kitchen counter, apparently.

Weekend project No. 3. Our kitchen has no backsplash.

It has definitely been a DIY kind of weekend.  So much homemaking, so little time. Boy, do I love being home and being pseudo-crafty.


Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

That's a really cute idea, and something that is easy to do in a rented space. I like it! How did you attach the plates to the wall?

Chelsea Bass said...

Thanks! I found plate hangers at Target and Pier 1 for hanging them.

Sanders Family said...

Chelsea! This backsplash is genius. The plates add so much vintage charm.

I love our kitchen, but it's pretty dated and in need of some changes FOR SURE. I love seeing new ideas like this.

P.S. Thanks for the compliments on the cupcakes! And you're right, my treats were there but not me! I had to send them with Bryan because I was working tonight! Missed you guys! :)

Shannon Leigh Anderson said...

I LOVE this:) super cute!