Lettuce Eat Veg: Broccoli

Welcome to my new mini-series!  Yes, I made the title a pun.  Since we all now know how I don't eat vegetables, I thought this might be a fun (or horrible) experiment.  Each week I will attempt to try a new vegetable and tell you about it.

Broccoli has been a long-time nemesis of mine.  I hate the smell and despise the texture.  Recently, however, I found that it is possible to smother it in enough of something I do like in order to choke it down.  Even more recently (as in two days ago) I also discovered that I like hummus.  The very idea of it weirds me out, but I actually bought some Atheno's hummus at the store today, along with some fresh broccoli.


Then I realized something about myself: I have no idea what to do with fresh broccoli, or any fresh vegetable, other than carrots.  Even my carrot prep skills are limited to one of three things: eat them raw, put them in the crockpot with a roast, or feed them to the dog.

I remembered someone saying that cooking vegetables depletes the nutrients, and since I HATE the smell of broccoli anyway, I just thought I'd eat it raw and smother it in hummus.  It worked! I managed to choke down about 3/4 of it, and I ate all my carrots.


For dessert, I sliced up fresh peaches and sprinkled just a smidge of sugar and cinnamon on top.  It was refreshing and delicious.

All-in-all, my first attempt at broccoli was a success.  Maybe next time I'll try something more than just washing it and cutting it up.


Jenna said...

I understand not loving the smell, but it's SOOO yummo. I grew up eating it steamed with lots of butter and lemon. Also, it's delish in a stir-fry. mmmmm....stir-fry

Amy Mandlman said...

I love this story! Your humor over a common topic is great!
I love broccoli AND hummus! Keep the stories coming!