The adventures of Watson, the farm dog.

Our sweet pup spends most of his days in our small flat with no real yard.  He gets long walks around the neighborhood, but he is always tethered to his mommy or daddy.  Whenever we go visit my mom or grandparents, Watson gets to run however he likes around their yards, and we love to watch him romp and play.


On the farm, however, his romping goes to a whole other level.  There aren't fences there, and my dad's "yard" is about 2 acres, which opens right up to the rest of the land they live on, about 35 acres.  The first time we took him there, we were a little nervous that he just might bolt out into the cornfields and we'd never see him again.


To our great surprise, he mostly stays right by our sides.  If he runs ahead, he'll often stop and wait for us, giving us a look like, "Are you people coming or what?" Sometimes he'll circle around us like he's herding us.  We really get to see how good of a dog he can be.


I've never seen him more happy or excited than when he's on the farm.  He's kind of like his mommy in that way.  I mean, look at that view, isn't it lovely?


He's always tracking something. Nose to the ground.


Trapesing through muddy ditches.


Getting clean from said mud and about a hundred burrs he got stuck in his fur from the fields.


He never stops moving or wanting to play.


He steps a little lighter.


Jumps a little higher.


Pants a little harder.


Snuggles a little sweeter.


Crashes a lot harder.  Please note the open door.  He went in on his own.


Watson loves being a farm dog.


Sanders Family said...

Your dog is so adorable! I just want to hug him!!!!

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

Aww, what a sweetie! I can see why he got so tuckered out. That's great that he can run to his heart's content at the farm.

Luann Baker said...

I loved seeing these pictures and the old farm. The flowers look great and of course our baby Watson is adorable!

fiddlehead said...

what beautiful photos and a day in the life of Watson. And that shot of him sleeping happily is soooo sweet!