So ill.

I'm not talking about Southern Illinois.  I mean, like, ohsoillyouprayGodwilltakeyouhome ill.  It has been a very unpretty week here in the Bass household.  As always, my hubs is the trooper of all troopers.  Boy, does he love me well!  I cannot tell you how good he is.

I had sincerely hoped to make his first week back at school a good one, but instead he spent his nights studying alone, taking care of the dog alone, and being my good, good nurse and comforter.  Sick as I was, one good thing always comes out of me being sick, I am reminded of just how marvelous God is to give me such a husband.  I've said it before.  I'll say it again.  He's the BEST!  I know a lot of people think that about their husbands, but I just cannot believe there could be one so great as Kyle.

He is so caring, thoughtful, tender, and strong.  He carries me through everything, and that's no simple task.  He loves me with the extraordinary, unconditional, unending love of his savior and mine, with the love of Jesus.

Thank you, Lord, for such a man!

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Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

Aww, husbands are an especially wonderful thing to have when one is sick.