Holiday Rundown

I'd originally titled this post "Christmas: The Breakdown," but decided that carried the risk of it sounding like I had a bad Christmas, and that is FAR from the truth.

We spent Christmas Eve at my mom's house where we had a huge dinner and played games.  It was a night that I would call... eventful.  I'll just leave it at that!

Christmas day my mom's family has the tradition of volunteering at the Salvation Army and bringing dinner to the residents there.

Grandpa, Kyle, and Noah setting up the salad table


Noah loving on Granny in the kitchen


We helped with that then grabbed Watson and took him to my dad's house.  After hanging out there for a couple hours we went to my cousin Dustin's house where my dad's family was gathered.  We not only celebrated Christmas, but my great-grandma Jennie's 94th birthday.


My dad and me


Dad and Great Grandma


Our plans to travel to Pennsylvania to visit Kent and Hope fell through.  This was very sad, but a very agreeable alternative awaited us in Chicagoland.  We spent New Year's with the whole of Kyle's mom's side of the family and celebrated Christmas, New Year's, and Aunt Stacy and Uncle Toby's going away to Italy where they will be stationed for the next three years.  It was a grand old time except that Watson was bad, Mama Bass was very sick, and Kent and Hope were absent.

Kyle and his phone


Cousin Scott napping with Sassy


Having Christmas with Nancy in the hallway outside her room because she didn't want to expose us to her germs


Aunt Denise and Uncle Mark


Cousin Max accidentally gave Aunt Laura a fat lip.

Toby, Moury, Mark T., and Mark B.

Aunt Denise's pretty house





Hope you had a fantastic holiday season and that the new year is treating you well so far!

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